Hi. Welcome to Coffee Shop Writer. If you’re like me, you may work at home and spend a lot of time alone, in your own head. Perhaps you’re a professional writer, working independently as a freelancer, or maybe you’re someone who writes in snatches of time, around your commitments to other work and responsibilities. Whatever your situation, the important thing is that you’re a writer. That means we have at least one thing in common.

Coffee Shop Writer is for all of us who would like to be members of a wider community without all the complications and obligations often associated with personal acquaintance. Let’s discuss whatever comes to mind. Also, let’s share information about our favorite shops in our respective cities. We might also discuss crafty things like structure and plot, share character ideas, and even explain how we find the time to write at all. There will be room for reviews ranging from the technical to our experiences at conferences and retreats. Eventually, I’d like to create an online journal for literary short story writers.

I hope you find something here that will inform, comfort, entertain, or engage you. Please keep in touch.